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Because the menu just shows six entries without creating a "Show More" Button, two pages are shown as buttons (Versanstaltungen, Besuche uns). And because buttons do not have submenus the Impressum must be shown as part of the normal menu. At the moment it is not possible to show the menu in two lines this is the workaround. (last edit: EB-2018-11-25)

Smartphone view

The two buttons are not part of the menu item. They can be seen on the smartphone as normal button in the header. What we don´t want. Beacuse of that I changed this:

  • Change to the smartphone view via the buttons next to the Page selection (upper right)

    • Open the menu

    • Click on three dots of the sites "Veranstaltungen" and "Besuche uns" and click "Show on Smartphone"
      This will add this points to the menu (normally shown as three lines)

  • To Remove the button ONLY in the smartphone view​​​

(last edit: EB-2018-11-25)

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